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We specialize in printed graphic production, which allows our clients to obtain adequate solutions in managing their image, allowing them to reach more companies.

About Us

Chromatic Colors is a reliable and passionate company with the union of talent, technology and creativity, focused on creating all kinds of solutions in graphic production, we combine the best resources to achieve effective visual communication, through a process of advice, support and results offering optimal solutions for each project to exceed customer expectations.

Our solutions

Design, Printing & Specialists installer for any kind of vehicle Wraps, Banners, Branding, Logos & more.


In order to help our clients find their brand identity and stand out in the market, we have a specialized design team with more than 10 years of experience.

Vehicle Wrap

Make a visual difference for your brand, becoming an advertising strategy that can be seen by anyone, anywhere, building a strong brand identity.

Custom Vinyls

Perfect for home or business decoration, allowing you to renovate spaces, with the versatility of materials such as adhesives, textured adhesives and cutting plotters.


It is an essential element to inform people directions, locations, routes, procedures and rules. And at the same time it is part of the communication language of the brand.


Large format printing solution used for the exhibition of specific elements in different events, optimizing the space but with great visibility. 

Floor Graphics

Adhesive designed and printed with resistance to high traffic. Used in corridors of large surfaces and shopping centers to direct or generate impact.

Advertising Signs

They are an innovative, effective and eye-catching way to amaze people on the way to clearly and creatively communicate your brand. Use them at points of sale, for restaurant menus, or events.

Cutting Plotter

It adapts to all spaces and surfaces, offering the best quality-price option and with a large portfolio of colors.


Are personalized elements of different shapes and sizes; for domestic, business, informative and decorative uses.

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